22 6 / 2012

Giant Cupcake

When I’ve been trawling the internet looking for ideas on how to make my giant cupcake and decorate it I found it very lacking. So for anyone who wants to make a giant cupcake I am going to attempt my first instructional blog! 

First, the recipe; this is the best recipe I have found just by looking around the internet. Although there is leftover cake mixture I think, when making a giant cupcake, it’s much better to have too much than too little; I used a recipe that had too little and the cake look squashed and burnt.


  • ·         450g softened butter 
  • ·         450g caster sugar
  • ·         8 large eggs 
  • ·         450g self-raising flour
  • ·         4 level tsp baking powder 
  • ·         2 tsp of vanilla
  • ·         3 tbsp milk
  • ·         Giant cupcake tin (obviously)

Grease the tin using cake release spray - this is a new found love of mine.

Set the oven to 160 (well this is typical for my oven, I have a hot fan assisted oven so I have to turn the heat down by about 20 degrees).

Cream the butter and sugar until the mixture goes almost white. This can be quite a lengthy process so if you have a kitchenaid/kenwood, lucky you! I only have a hand held mixer.

Add the vanilla and mix in well.

Sieve the flour and baking powder together and add 1/8 to the sugar mixture beat well and then add an egg. Repeat this until the flour and eggs have all been used.

Add the milk and beat slowly, try not to over beat it you don’t want a dry/heavy cake!

Fill up your giant cupcake tin! For the top of the cupcake fill it up almost to the very top. For the bottom, fill it 3/4 of the way up. I like to have the tin nice and full so that I have a nice big and full cupcake and one that I can cut to size.

Put the cake in the oven.

In my oven it takes about 45 mins to bake it just lovely, start checking about 35 mins in to the baking and when you think it could be ready (deliciously golden brown) use a scewer - or something that’s long, pointy and not going to contaminate your food - to taste the cake. If the scewer comes out clean it’s ready!

Leave the cake to cool in the tin for 20-30mins then remove carefully and place on to your cooling rack.

If you need to trim your cake, the best time to do it is when your cake has cooled in the tin. Get a good knife (I used a bread knife) and level the cake off.

Continue to let the cake cool. 

I once made a giant cupcake and was in a rush to finish it as my first attempt went horribly wrong and fell apart when carving it. So, rather than letting it cool completely I felt it and thought ‘yeah this is fine’, piped the chocolate butter cream roses on, decorated it with all things necessary, put it in it’s box and by this point the butter cream had melted and started sliding off the cake. I was tired and gutted and I really wish I had taken a photo because I got so angry I put my fist straight through it and screwed it up. Jon - the fiance - decided it was a good time to start eating it, I wasn’t so impressed. You live and learn!

Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the cake when it came out the oven so I would like to ask you to use your imagination.

Next will be the decoration.

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