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So, following on from my previous post I thought it would be a good idea to give some tips and ideas on how to decorate your Giant Cupcake. 

My tried and tested methods have usually contained lots and lots of butter cream so I would suggest getting your favourite flavour and making a big batch of it. This is the recipe I tend to follow when making it:


  • 800g Icing Sugar
  • 170g Unsalted Butter
  • 30ml Whole Milk
  • 2tsp Vanilla Extract
  • Food colouring of your choice

Beat the butter for a few minutes. Add the icing sugar gradually. Mix the milk and vanilla extract together and gradually add it to the mixture. Beat until light and creamy. Add the food colouring of your choice. For this cake I used the sugarflair colour called Ice Blue.

For the base I used candy yellow candy melts, however I have previously used chocolate fingers and flakes stuck to butter cream - I’ll post a picture of that further down.

So, the candy melts; the packet will tell you how to melt them. I melted them just as I would melt chocolate. I put half of them in a plastic bowl, melt in a microwave for a few mins stirring occasionally, then put the rest in and continue to melt. Once all the candy melts are nice and goopy get a brush - I use a silicone one - and coat the giant cupcake tin base in a thin layer of the melts. Put this in the fridge and chill for 10 mins, or until it has gone solid. It should look similar to this:

Once that has gone solid add the remaining melts to the base - you may need to put the candy melts in the microwave for another minute. Place the tin back in the fridge for a good half hour. In this time I like to start getting my decorations together and preparing my butter cream stated in the method above!

The candy melts should now look nice and thick like this:

Before you can add the base of the cupcake sponge to the tin and the candy melts you’re going to need to prep it. The first thing you need to do is trim the base using a good knife. I trim it so much that the ridges of the cupcake tin are almost completely smoothed out:

Using the butter cream previously made, I cover the base in a crumb coating - this will help the cake stick to the candy melts. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of this - stupid Em - but I have taken a picture of how it looks once it has been coated and put in to the tin with the melts:

Carefully remove the base of the cupcake from the tin, this may take some wiggly, shaking and tapping, but don’t tap it too hard as the candy melts will crack!!

I like to fill my giant cupcakes with homemade (by Jon’s mum) jam as the flavour is amazing and when cut in to it looks very impressive. Now I don’t have a photo of the inside of this cake as I didn’t get to see it cut so here’s one I made earlier with chocolate fingers:

Yes, it tasted as good as it looks :P I did use butter cream in the middle of this one, however I found this made it slide around on top of the jam.

So, once you have made a hollow for your jam cover the top of the base with more jam so the top sticks nicely on. As you can see from my photo I decided it would be easier to decorate the base before the top was put on:

The bunting is made from fondant/sugar paste and I got a really good and cheap little tool from amazon to make the green bit instead of buying a fondant gun (I can’t remember the name of the tool). My tool is metal and you push the fondant through with your hand.

The next part was to pipe on the butter cream in a rose pattern. You can find loads of YouTube videos of how to do this so I’d advise you look at them to learn that technique. I do have one tip for you that I was passed on from a friend: to get your butter cream in the piping bag nice and easy, cut the top of a fizzy pop bottle, put the piping bag inside and fold it over the edges of the bottle. Voila! You have both hands free to do the fiddly bit of filling it up!

This is my piping:

I added some sugar pearls for that extra touch too.

I also made some fondant roses and daises to go on the cake. My niece was very impressed telling me that her friends will love it.

My nephew told me his favourite part was the butterflies. The roses aren’t the best in the world, but I am definitely improving with practice!

And TADAAAAA!!!! The cake is complete:

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